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We have a fleet of over 70 bulldozer ready to move the earth for you .

£POA /

per hour

Caterpillar D5
  • Fuel Efficiency and Powerful
  • Easy-to-Use Technology
  • Durability and Reduced Maintenance
  • Improved Operator Comfort and Visibility
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per hour

Caterpillar D6
  • Enhanced Fuel Efficiency and Productivity
  • Advanced Technology for Increased Productivity
  • Improved Operator Comfort and Safety
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£POA /

per hour

Caterpillar D7
  • Advanced Technology
  • Remote Control Capability
  • Operator Comfort
  • Telematics for Simplified Management
About us

We can supply dozers to push your problems away

If you’re facing a mountain of challenges or find yourself entangled in problems, remember: DozerHire.com is here to help push your problems away. Contact us today to find out how we can clear the path to your success. After all, why tackle problems the hard way when you have a fleet of dozers ready to do the heavy work for you.

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Our Services

We offer dozers 365 days of the Year

Quarry & Mining

They are essential in open-pit mining operations to remove overburden (the topsoil and rock that lie above ore bodies) and for pushing extracted material to specific locations.


Dozers are used in landfills to spread and compact waste materials and cover them with layers of soil.


Dozers help in land clearing, constructing terraces, building water conservation structures, and preparing the ground for development.

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Used for clearing land, creating firebreaks, and building roads for logging operations.


In building roads, bridges, buildings, and residential areas, dozers prepare sites by clearing and grading land.

Dozer Caterpillar D6
Why Choose Us

Explore our modern fleet of dozers

From compact models perfect for smaller projects and tight spaces, to the massive machines capable of moving mountains, our fleet is equipped to tackle challenges of any scale. With features like advanced hydraulics, precise control systems, and eco-friendly engines, our dozers ensure operational excellence while minimizing environmental impact.


Professional Operators or
Self Drive


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The flexibility in rental terms has been a game changer for our business. We’ve been able to align our equipment rental schedules perfectly with our project timelines, which has significantly improved our efficiency and reduced idle time on site

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James Oliver

“The GPS technology on dozers from dozerhire.com has transformed our project execution. Its accuracy ensures we get the job done right the first time, reducing both time and material waste. This leap in efficiency and precision has been vital for meeting our project deadlines and staying within budget. It’s impressive how these advanced systems streamline our workflow, demonstrating dozerhire.com’s commitment to providing top-notch, innovative solutions for the construction industry.”

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Rosalee Melvin

“The GPS systems installed on the dozers from dozerhire.com have been a game-changer for our construction projects. With pinpoint accuracy, these systems have enhanced our efficiency, allowing for precise earthmoving and grading tasks. This technology not only saves time by reducing manual surveying but also significantly cuts down on costs by minimizing errors. The reliability and ease of use of these GPS systems have made our operations smoother and more productive. It’s clear that dozerhire.com understands the needs of modern construction, offering tools that truly make a difference in project execution.”

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Macie Naquin

Supplying your dozer any where in the UK and Ireland.

Suppling dozers on self drive or fully operatated with GPS systems


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Dozer Operator Jobs

We regularly have new positions opening for experienced dozer operators who hold CPCS and NPORS cards To register with us for upcoming dozer work in the UK and Ireland send you upto date CV to info@dozerhire.com


+44 (0) 7737 -913 -737

Dozer Operator Training

We can help with dozer training, if you would like to become a dozer operator send us a copy of your CV along with some references and details of why you would like to become a dozer operator with us. Send you details to info@dozerhire.com


+44 (0) 7737 -913 -737